The fourth estate project is a network of independent freelance journalists around the world that produces dozens of stories on a daily basis some of the biggest media organisations in the world.

You have been sent this link because one of our journalists has decided to write a story about you.

That means that the story by this journalist will be added to our feed, and distributed to a global network of news organisations who may or may not decide to publish it.

On average, 25% of our news items are published, and those that are not are often published on our own websites.

Why are you being sent this link?

We have sharing this with you because we feel that your story is one might well have resonance with people that might read it, and they might want to get involved in trying to do something about it.

It might be that you have a charity project that we feel is worth promoting, it might be that you are looking for fundraising or donations to help achieve a goal, or it might be that you are looking for supporters to sign up and strengthen your following to help achieve what you do.

We can help with all of those things, but we do not move from passive journalism to active journalism without your agreement.

That means that you need to tell us that you are happy for us to let people know that there is a way they can get involved in supporting your cause, and for us to share a link on how they can do that.

The charities, we will include details about your organisation or your own pages as well as distributing them in our wire feed, and include links so that people can get more involved.

For campaigns and causes, we will help promote petitions and again provide links and promotion to your relevant social media sites where people can get directly involved.

And with fundraising campaigns, we would encourage you to create a just giving page or if that’s difficult, we would create one for you and promote it in order for people to donate funds to help you achieve your objectives.

This offers 100% transparency where you can see what has been raised as kill those that are involved in the donations process, and in due course it will be passed on to you.

With regards to funds donated, we only deduct bank charges that are automatically taken when the money is transferred, and nothing else. We also make a small deduction of 1% for Just Giving who do the fundraising work.

You need to write an email back to our correspondent who is in touch with you confirming that you agree for us to feature your cause and to help as outlined above.